Military Discount

All children of active duty or of US Veterans with a DD214 or a Veterans card will receive a $10.00 discount off of the monthly tuition starting Dec. 1 2013.

Please see Frank Weeden for more details.


                         Student Price Lists


$25.00 Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)


 $90.00 per student per month             $115.00 per student per month for a five week month

Full payment is required for each month. Make up classes are available with in that month. 

Price includes student grade supplies.

*excludes sculpting clay and canvases.

** artist grade supplies are immediately available and/or can be special ordered for your convenience. 



Art Class Schedule

*all classes are approximately 2 hours (excluding workshops)


1:00 PM               Adult class
4:00 PM              6yr -15yr  class  

4:00 PM               6yr -15yr  class  

4:00 PM               6yr -15yr  class  


1:00 PM                Adult class
4:00 PM               6yr -15yr  class  

4:00 PM               6yr -15yr  class