Please contact Debra


Please provide the following information:

The medium used (oil, acrylic, ect...)
The time frame that the piece was done. ( circa 1950's, ect)
The damage done and how
The last time is was professionally cleaned (if at all). Lots of times pieces have never been cleaned... that's okay. 
At least 4 pictures of the piece and the damage. 2 close ups if  you possibly can.


Be aware that I do not accept all work. I know my capabilities and if I feel that I cannot do the piece justice or that it would be in better hands elsewhere. I will give you a name and number of a restorer that can do what you need. Also, please know, that once a piece has been damaged it can never be undamaged. It can be fixed and it can have new life, but it will never be "new" again.


Do not hesitate to e-mail me with questions. 

I prefer e-mail to any other correspondence. 

Thank you,

Debra Mouser Weeden


Smoke damage