Robin Hood Treasures is the brain-child and collaborative effort of Kathy Hood-Schilling, Frank H. Weeden, Debra Weeden, and Richard Delre`. Robin Hood Treasures came from Kathy's middle name, which is Robin, and last name, which is Hood.

The idea behind the Robin Hood portion of our name, was to try and keep things affordable -- Basically, our philosophy is, "High-end quality at an affordable price, and an unflagging commitment to customer satisfaction."

Jewelry, pens, scarves, purses, pottery, and various fine woodworking projects: All of our products are handmade by one of the four of us, on-site. We also sell a small offering of art supplies and vintage items, to really round things out.

It is our sincere hope that browsing our shop will be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Thank you very much for stopping by!

-Frank H. Weeden,  President

Robin Hood Treasures

Art Supplies & Gift Shop